Kendall Wright adjusting to double-teams

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Kendall Wright graduated into a receiver drawing double-teams in the past two weeks.

The Tennessee Titans top wide receiver said: "It might be a compliment, but I don't like it."

The absence of tight end Delanie Walker has allowed defenses to key more on Wright. Walker suffered a first-quarter concussion in Indianapolis, left that game and didn't play the next game in Denver.

"I've seen it a lot the last two games," Wright said. "It's hard, it's real hard. I've got a linebacker on me on the inside and a nickelback on me on the outside. When it's just the nickelback, if I have an out-breaking route, the corner will trap it, of an in-breaking route the linebacker will.

"I don't think they can really keep doing it because Justin (Hunter) is stepping up and we have a lot of play-makers at the position, so it would be kind of hard."

Wright said it's not a probable for him to beat a double-team, but that it might make for a better read to someone else. With Walker ready to get back on the field, Wright said there is no clear choice to double-team.

"He's a special tight end, when he gets back out there, they'll probably double-team me on some plays, some formations," Wright said. "But it'll be hard when you have Delanie out there with Nate (Washington) and Justin too."