Miles Austin won't call his season lost

IRVING, Texas -- With three games to go, Miles Austin has 19 catches for 179 yards and no touchdowns.

A hamstring injury suffered in Week 3 against St. Louis effectively cost Austin seven games, but he has played in the last three and has four catches for 54 yards. Despite the lack of production, Austin will not call this a lost season.

"No season I believe is lost," Austin said. "You've got to play the hand you're dealt and play it to the best of your ability. That's what we're doing."

Austin caught 10 passes in the season-opening win against the New York Giants and has not had more than three in his five other games. He went two games without a catch before the Cowboys shelved him through the Nov. 17 bye week.

Austin acknowledged he has to play better.

"Obviously you've got to make plays with the opportunities you get, regardless of how many you get," Austin said. "I'm focusing in on that and taking one play at a time, trying my best just as I have been."

The hope when Austin returned was that he could spark the passing game and open things up for Dez Bryant. He has 18 catches for 159 yards since Austin's return and had just two catches for 12 yards and a touchdown against the Chicago Bears. Terrance Williams has caught only six passes and Jason Witten has just eight in the last three games.

"Frustrating is not the right word," Austin said. "At the end of the day, I'm mad we lost last week. I'm frustrated with the loss in general, with my own play. The best I can do is go out there and try my best. It's not always going to be perfect. No one is ever going to grade out 100 percent. But the goal is to do your job every play you get and obviously I have done it sometimes and haven't done it other times. You obviously want to do it more than you don't do it."

Austin has gone with the clean-shaven look this week after attempting to grow a beard with his fellow receivers. He said it has nothing to do with trying to change things up on the field.

"It was just looking nasty," Austin said.