Third-quarter report: Eagles-Redskins

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

LANDOVER, Md. -- Let's do some quick-hitting items on what occurred in the first half:

  • It's hard to make any statement on Sherm Lewis' playcalling in the first half. The Eagles jumped out to a 17-0 lead, so it's not like Lewis has had the chance to lean on the running game. And you can't exactly load up and run stretch plays behind left tackle Stephon Heyer.

  • The Redskins have no chance of defending Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Jackson had a 67-yard touchdown run and a 57-yard touchdown catch. I think he could have returned a punt for a touchdown, but he muffed it and had to step out of bounds. I have no clue why Chris Horton would let Jackson get five yards behind him on what looked like a straight fly pattern.

  • In his first game with the Eagles, linebacker Will Witherspoon has been remarkably active. He's returned an interception for a touchdown and he forced a fumble. I'm sure he's just thrilled to be with a winning team. The Rams were winless when he left -- and remain that way.

  • I just feel bad for Jim Zorn right now. Every time I look down there, he's sort of staring at his playcalling chart with a confused look on his face. It must be so defeating to have another man calling the plays you carefully designed over the past two seasons.

  • Brian Westbrook took a knee to the helmet in the first quarter. It was good to see him walk off the field, but he looked pretty foggy. He has a concussion and won't return. But it has opened the door for rookie LeSean McCoy to get some more touches.

  • Could someone remind me why Michael Vick plays for the Eagles? It's so pointless to run him out there for two or three Wildcat plays per game. He did complete a pass for five yards, so that's something. He still looks slow to me. Defensive end Andre Carter had no trouble bringing him down on a misdirection play.

  • The Redskins are playing without tight end Chris Cooley, which takes away Sherm Lewis' favorite option. Cooley appeared to be about the only matchup problem for the Eagles. They've done a nice job rolling their coverage to Santana Moss.

  • I think Andy Reid wanted to see if DeSean Jackson would play through some pain. And Jackson has responded. He looks a little bit gimpy here in the second half, but I'm sure Reid is pleased to see him on the field.