Meet the Packers' newest fullbacks

ARLINGTON, Texas -- B.J. Raji and Mike Daniels were in their regular defensive meetings last week when a coach pulled them out.

The defensive tackles weren’t sure what was going on until they arrived at a walkthrough for the offense.

That was their first indication that they might be needed to clear the way for a ball-carrier in a short-yardage situation. Sure enough, their numbers were called late in Sunday’s 37-36 victory against the Dallas Cowboys.

With the game on the line, the Packers unveiled their newest offensive look with a pair of 300-pound fullbacks.

Talk about your full-house backfield.

With Raji and Daniels lined up in front him, running back Eddie Lacy jumped over the pile for the 1-yard, go-ahead touchdown with one minute and 31 seconds remaining.

“It was like a five-minute thing,” Raji said of the walk-through session with the offense last week. “At that particular time it came up, myself and Mike and the offensive line -- everybody did their job -- and Lacy wasn’t going to be denied.”

Raji said his responsibility was to get behind right guard T.J. Lang and clear the hole to his right.

“Anybody I see, just move them and push them back,” Raji said.

And Lacy followed him.

“I didn’t want to be stopped, and that’s the only thing that was going through my mind,” said Lacy, who rushed for 141 yards and became the first Packers’ rookie running back to rush for 1,000 yards since John Brockington in 1971.

“Just don’t get stopped, score any way. And ball security, just hold on to the ball if I don’t score, just hold on to the ball for the next play.”

Thanks to Daniels and Raji, a next play wasn’t needed.