Power Rankings: No. 6 Kansas City Chiefs

A weekly examination of the Chiefs’ ESPN Power Ranking:

Preseason: 22 | Last Week: 7 | ESPN.com Power Ranking since 2002

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs have blown out their last two opponents by a combined score of 101-41, it’s understandable that they haven’t vaulted to the top of the rankings. The games were played against two of the most miserable teams in the league, the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders.

But the Chiefs, who were ranked seventh in each of the past two weeks, deserve to be higher than their current No. 6 ranking. At 11-3, they are tied for the second-best record in the league. Unlike the team ahead of them at No. 5 in the rankings, the New Orleans Saints, the Chiefs don’t need to be surrounded by the comforts of home in order to be a solid team. The Chiefs are a healthy 6-1 on the road, the best such record in the NFL. The Saints, meanwhile, are a mediocre 3-4 outside of New Orleans.

So the Chiefs truly belong at No. 5 this week, ahead of the Saints.