Jets LB Scott developing hatred for Dolphins

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott is making plans with bad intentions for the Miami Dolphins.

When the Dolphins visit the Meadowlands on Sunday, it will be the season's first AFC East rematch. The Dolphins scored a sweet victory over the Jets three weeks ago on "Monday Night Football."


Scott wants revenge, particularly on a couple of Dolphins offensive linemen he declined to name but accused of playing dirty.

"I got a couple linemen that I got some payback for," Scott said on "Barking With Bart," his weekly show on NewYorkJets.com.

"This is one of those types of games you hit anything that's standing around. It doesn't matter who it is, what their involvement is in the play. Anybody standing around, they're getting hit."

Scott, a free-agent acquisition who spent his career with the Baltimore Ravens, is making his second pass through the AFC East, and he obviously has an aversion to the Dolphins.

"Right now, I'm starting to learn this division and figure out who to hate," Scott said. "That's been the toughest thing for me, adjusting [to the AFC East]. I don't know who to hate. I don't know what players to hate. You only get that by playing against the guys a couple times.

"I got a couple guys I want to pick out, a couple guys I got some payback for. That's the beauty of this. I'm kind of figuring out how players play, what they do, what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are and when they take a dirty shot, how they like to do it and how I'm going to respond to it."

The Jets suffered a tough defeat in Land Shark Stadium, their first of the season and the second "L" in a three-game losing streak.

In a five-touchdown fourth quarter, the Dolphins scored three of them. The decisive blow came with six seconds left on the clock, when Ronnie Brown took their 16th Wildcat snap of the game and darted into the end zone from 2 yards out.

"This is about us, our defense, getting our swagger back," Scott said. "They took it from us. They took our mojo, so to speak. It's time for us to get our redemption. I look forward to coming back and having a better showing."