Have at It: Favre's return

Welcome Back Brett Favre (6:18)

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt is trying to figure out the best way to welcome Brett Favre back (6:18)

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

I’ll admit it: I was originally turned off by Green Bay mayor Jim Schmitt’s decision to insert himself into the hype for Favre-Packers II this week. As you might recall, Schmitt began soliciting suggestions to “tastefully” commemorate Brett Favre's return to Lambeau Field in a Minnesota uniform.

Schmitt took to the ESPN airwaves this week, appearing on ESPN2’s "First Take" to continue promoting the idea. In the video below, Schmitt says the common thread among Green Bay citizens is that “they like Brett Favre but they love the Packers.”

Politicians rarely miss an opportunity for attention, but I suppose I’m fine with a mayor trying to steer the behavior of his citizenry when it’s the subject to national interest in the sports world. Among the ideas he’ll likely pursue, Schmitt said, is changing the name of a local “Minnesota Ave.” to “Rodgers Dr.” in order to honor current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Another has been for schoolchildren to write “12 reasons 4 staying in Green Bay” as a civic venture that plays off the jersey numbers for Rodgers and Favre.

Finally, Schmitt said he’s planning some sort of stunt revolving around waffles, a dig on Favre’s inability to make a decision. That’s pretty funny, but I wonder if it’s an appropriate message coming from a mayor’s office.

So I’ll turn it over to you: What’s the best way for Green Bay citizens, Wisconsinites and Packer fans to treat Favre’s return? Think in terms of the values and ideals you want to reflect and project.

I’ve got some strong thoughts on the matter, but I’ll hold them for our usual Friday morning post, where I’ll also compile a representative sample of your responses. Have at It.