Seahawks are a loose bunch for a big game

RENTON, Wash. -- The division title and home-field advantage are on the line Sunday for the Seahawks against the Arizona Cardinals, but you wouldn’t know it talking to the Seattle players. Feeling pressure is not their nature.

This is one loose bunch going into the most important game of the season so far.

Some of the topics of conversation are celebrations dances and TV commercials of the players, along with hairstyles.

“It’s all about having fun,” said free safety Earl Thomas. “Every game this year we’ve taken a championship opportunity, so when a game like this one came around we’d be ready for it.”

Thomas was on a roll when he spoke to reporters Wednesday. First, he had a message for cornerback Byron Maxwell, the new sensation in the Legion of Boom with three interceptions in the last two games.

“Byron is very humble,” Thomas said. “He wants it and he gets it. He’s very familiar with this system. But one thing I need to say about him. He needs to cut his hair. He’s getting to look like a caveman out there.”

Thomas had long hair until this season, when he cut his dreadlocks.

Thomas also wanted to talk about the best dancer on the team, especially among the defensive linemen. Brandon Mebane has his belly roll after a sack and Michael Bennett has his provocative pelvic thrust, similar to Elvis Presley.

“They’re not afraid to show their jelly,” Thomas said. “It’s creative. All of it’s good because when we’re doing that, it means we’re having a lot of success.”

Bennett’s dance move is getting most of the youtube.com attention these days.

“Whatever I feel like doing, I’m just doing,” Bennett said. “But the media went crazy on the last one, so I don’t know if I’ll do it again. Mebane’s been doing his for a while, so I’m just second to his.”

Bennett said cornerback Richard Sherman probably is the best dancer on the team, but he’s not Bennett’s favorite.

“Sherm is a great dancer, but the best to me is Red Bryant,’’ Bennett said. He’s so big (6-4, 325). He’s not really a dancer, but when he does, it’s funny.”

Several Seahawks are seen regularly in Seattle on local TV commercials, including Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Max Unger and Sherman.

“They could be better actors, especially Sherm,” Bennett said.

And Bennett said he knows exactly the commercial product he wants to endorse.

“A Rolls Royce,” he said. “I’m never gonna shave, so I won’t be in a shaving commercial. But I’d be happy to be in a Rolls Royce commercial.”