Lee, Claiborne hope Week 17 matters

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee and cornerback Morris Claiborne will not play Sunday against the Washington Redskins, but they are eyeing Week 17 returns against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Lee will miss his second straight game with a neck injury suffered on Dec. 9 against the Chicago Bears. He has to be cleared by the doctors before he can return.

“The symptoms have improved dramatically,” Lee said. “If I can move forward and make another jump next week hopefully I can get back.”

Claiborne will miss his fifth game in the past six weeks. He said he has increased his rehab this week with cutting and cord work.

“It’s more how I feel at the moment and I haven’t been having any problems during the workouts or after,” Claiborne said.

Lee and Claiborne will have to hope their teammates can make Week 17 matter. If the Cowboys beat the Redskins, then they will be in their third straight winner-take-all finale. If they lose, then they would need the Eagles to lose to the Bears on Sunday night.

“I know the guys can go out and get it done,” Claiborne said. “All I can do is continue what I’ve been doing and hopefully I’ll get the chance to come back.”