No home-field advantage for Justin Tucker

BALTIMORE -- It was surprising to see Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker miss a 37-yard field goal Sunday, which ended his streak at 33 in a row. But it wasn't surprising to see his successful run end at M&T Bank Stadium.

All three of Tucker's misses this season have come at home. He's a perfect 20-for-20 on the road.

“I’ll just start by saying it’s important not to overanalyze those things, and you just take every kick for what it’s worth," Tucker said. "This is a tough stadium to kick in, and this is a tough division to kick in. And a lot of the places that we’ve played, the circumstances have not been ideal, but we’ve made kicks. Again, the fact of the matter is ... I look at it pretty simply; I missed a kick, and it is what it is. Just move on and I’ll make the next one.”

Tucker's miss Sunday came in an unusual circumstance. With the Ravens down 20-0 in the fourth quarter, coach John Harbaugh decided to kick a field goal when most thought the team would go for it on fourth down.

Was Tucker caught off guard?

“No, we’re always prepared to go out there at any point of the game, it doesn’t matter," Tucker said. "We always commit to the same routine.”

Tucker took the miss in stride, even though it left him four short of setting a team record.

"I’d reference somebody else coming back and overcoming adversity, but I personally was able to do this," Tucker said. "It’s one of those things you just bounce back, and at this point the focus is on Cincinnati and trying to give ourselves the best chance to make a run at this thing and make sure we’re playing football in January.”