Pro Bowl selections: Houston Texans

Indicative of the changing records, while only one season ago the Texans had nine Pro Bowlers, this season Houston has only two in defensive end J.J. Watt and receiver Andre Johnson.

Though it's possible more accrue -- left tackle Duane Brown, cornerback Johnathan Joseph and center Chris Myers were all named alternates -- that total is still significantly lower than it was last season.

Pro Bowl votes have little to do with who deserves it and who ranks as the best player at each position. Rather, Pro Bowl votes have a lot to do with reputation and who has received the votes in the past.

While a player's team's record might not have much to do with how he has played, it often has a lot to do with his chances of being voted to the Pro Bowl.

Thus, it's much harder for a player on a 2-13 team heading into the last game of the season to be voted to the Pro Bowl over a guy on a team with a superior record.

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