Favre dealing with sinus infection and other notes

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- ESPN’s Ed Werder spent an hour with Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre at the team hotel Saturday night. Some highlights of their conversation:

  • Favre revealed he has been taking antibiotics for much of the past three weeks because of a sinus infection. He felt badly Friday but had improved some on Sunday.

  • Only two members of Favre’s family are scheduled to attend this game: His wife, Deanna, and her sister.

  • Werder relayed the news that a disgruntled fan sent all of his Favre memorabilia to the Vikings’ equipment room and suggested selling it online because it no longer had any sentimental value. Favre laughed at the gesture, Werder reported, and said: “Like that bothers me.”

By the way, Favre arrived at Lambeau Field a few moments ago. He waved at a group of fans standing outside the gate near the players’ entrance.