Bud Adams on Young and Fisher

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Bud Adams isn’t the most quotable owner in the league, and he didn’t say anything surprising about Vince Young in the locker room after the game.

But when the owner talks:

“That’s what I came up here for, to get that big tall guy named Vince Young to show what he can do,” Adams said. “You know he hasn’t played that much, his contract is coming up pretty soon for renewal. We need to see what he can do and he kind of proved today that he can do it. That’s the main thing I wanted to see. …”

“We’ve got to find out how he has developed over the last two years, he hasn’t played that much. We’ve got to get him in and find out what he can do because otherwise, we’re going to have a high draft choice and we better be looking for another new quarterback. …”

“I’m not saying [Jeff Fisher] did or didn’t wait too long, I just go by the scores. The scores looked not too good when you’re 0-6.”

I also asked Adams where he stands on Jeff Fisher. He has told The Tennessean after the Titans' 59-0 loss in New England two weeks ago that he’d have to assess his coach if things kept going badly.

“He’s under contract here for several years,” Adams said. “We just don’t let guys go early in their contracts, coaches.”