Field conditions paramount to coaches

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- The arctic conditions awaiting the San Francisco 49ers in the wild-card round at Green Bay is the theme of the week.

The game-time temperatures are expected to be as low as minus-20. However, it's not the weather per se that has 49ers coaches concerned. It's the field conditions.

“To me it all depends upon what the footing's like,” said San Francisco defensive coordinator Vic Fangio when asked if the weather could affect the game plan. “It could be just a normal game that's played at a little slower pace. Or it could be where there's a lot of slipping and sliding going on then you have to adjust a little bit. You need to wait to see Sunday exactly see how the field affects the game.”

Added 49ers' offensive coordinator Greg Roman: “I think the number one thing is what condition will the field be in, even more than the weather. Both teams play in the weather, but how's the wind and what's the field like? That can certainly affect your decision making.”