Brady on having a cold: 'I'll live'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady held his weekly news conference Tuesday at Gillette Stadium, and it was clear he's fighting a cold.

"A little bit," Brady confirmed, coincidently, as he wiped his nose.

Then he smiled.

"But I'll live," he said. "I'll be there. Hopefully not on the injury report; I'll try to talk my way out of that."

Brady, who appeared to be sucking on a possible cold lozenge during the news conference, added, "I feel good [physically]. I'm ready to go." He also relayed that he was surprised the team moved practice inside the Dana-Farber Fieldhouse on Tuesday.

Brady expressed excitement about playoff football.

"It's incredible to play in this. These are the moments that you dream about," he said. "To be in the NFL playoffs and you have a chance with eight other teams, to be the last team standing, it's why we work hard. It's why every guy puts a lot out there. You sacrifice a lot of things. A lot of people would die to be in our positions. I don't think you take those things for granted. I think you cherish those and understand the opportunity that's ahead."