Cam on Smartphones, dinosaurs, more

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was in rare form on Wednesday, comparing himself to a Smartphone and dinosaur in the same interview.

He also referenced Ferrari's and soccer mom vans.

At least Superman didn't come up.

Newton was entertaining, though. A few of the comparisons left you scratching your head, particularly the dinosaurs reference in which Newton said he and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick were like dinosaurs.

He was referencing a rare breed that doesn't exist anymore, although there seems to be more big, physical, running quarterbacks today than ever (See Florida State Heisman winner and national champion quarterback Jameis Winston).

All I know is one dinosaur will be extinct from the NFC playoffs on Sunday at Bank of America Stadium.

Let Newton explain what he meant.

"It was a nickname my coaches gave me in college,'' the former Auburn star said as he prepared to face Kaepernick and the 49ers in Sunday's NFC playoff game. "There are no dinosaurs actually on the face of the Earth, but he would say your talents are rare and no one really possesses that talent, being a big guy, being fast and being agile and having the art of throwing like only God has blessed a few people with.

"And Kaepernick has it. It’s scary to see, but I hope he will be tamed come Sunday.”

Now for the Smartphone. It came up when Newton was explaining what has changed in him this season.

"I think growth is what everyone has been getting,'' he said. "Growth or updates. We all have software, Smartphones, and as a human we all need updates as well. We go through so much as a team and so much as a person, you learn from the mistakes you go through.

"So that’s kind of been our moment to say, 'Hey, we’ve got this. We have an unbelievable opportunity that a lot of teams have and why not us.'”

When asked what software he'd been set at, Newton responded, "When you have one of those phones and you go to the general settings and hit update, it just updates the whole software.”

Asked who hit his update button and when, Newton played right along.

"I might hit it right after this meeting,'' he said. "Hopefully, I have all software updated up to date come Sunday.''

Then came the Ferrari-soccer van comparison. Newton brought it up when asked what has changed since last season, a variation of the earlier question that led to Smartphones.

"Mindset, man,'' he said. "It’s easy to say why you didn’t have that mindset two years ago. But it’s trial and error and when you go through a lot with so many different people and understand who these guys are and what they can do and bring to the table.

"To drive a Ferrari like a soccer mom’s van, it’s nothing like it. Two different cars. But you have a whole different combination of talents and mentalities in one room you have to kind of put this right here and put that there. Drive this on the open road and be cautious of this one. But when they are all together it’s a dangerous combination.''

Told you it was entertaining.