Ex-49ers snapper: Newton owes me $25K

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The struggles Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had in the Pro Bowl following the 2011 season apparently didn't sit well with former San Francisco 49ers long snapper Brian Jennings.

Jennings went on the Murph and Mac radio show on KNBR in the Bay Area and said "Cam Newton owes me $25,000."

That was nice timing. Newton and the Panthers face the 49ers, of which Jennings hasn't been a part of since 2012, in Sunday's NFC divisional playoff game at Bank of America Stadium.

Back to the $25,000. Newton, who went to the game as an alternate after New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning made the Super Bowl, completed 9 of 27 pass attempts for 186 yards and two touchdowns.

He also threw three interceptions, which apparently Jennings felt cost the NFC the game. Since the difference in the winning and losing share is $25,000, he figures Newton owes him.

Here's what he said on the air.

"We got Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, it's the Green Bay offense," he said. "You know we've got Drew Brees at quarterback. You know he's got his playbook all week, studying, making sure that he gets in there and run the plays. And we got Cam Newton all week with headphones on goofing off.

"So we go to the game and this guy starts chucking the ball all over the place and everyone is looking around like, 'What's this guy doing? Is he kidding?' And the punter and I look at each other and say, 'We're going to have a long second half.' We punted five times in the Pro Bowl. He went in there, stank it up, never looked at his playbook, he's chucking the ball all over the place, can't hit an open guy. So not a lot of people know this, but Cam Newton owes me $25,000."

Then Jennings took an even bigger shot at Newton, saying offensive coordinator Mike Shula should be the NFL coach of the year. He called him a genius, saying, he "turned Vince Young into a functional game manager."

A lot was written about Newton not being liked by some of the AFC Pro Bowlers.

But to be fair, Newton was a rookie. He has grown up and matured a lot since then. His teammates and coaches have seen it and it's apparent in the way he interacts with others in the locker room now.

Newton summed it up best earlier this season in a candid interview with Laura Okmin of Fox Sports. He talked about how some of those close to him showed why he was perceived as selfish.

"It was very disgusting," Newton said. "That's as blunt as I can be. I could say other words as well. We went back on YouTube and looked at Cam Newton's postgame interviews. I was like, 'Oh my God, I see what people see. I see how people are viewing me.'

"When they see this selfish player, or see this childish temper tantrum that I was throwing, I'm like, that's why people look at me like that."

Jennings, by the way, hasn't been on a roster since the 49ers released him. So if he's looking to collect from Newton, he'll have to buy a ticket for Sunday's game.