NFLN survey/respected player: Browns

Respect comes in many forms.

Respect for a competitor, respect for professionalism, respect for the way a player carries himself, and perhaps most important, respect for production.

Production really is the first step in gaining respect. Dependability is the other. Add in professionalism and it’s easy to see why the majority of Cleveland Browns interviewed would have selected one of their own for this award: left tackle Joe Thomas.

Thomas has been to the Pro Bowl in every season he’s played (production), and he’s never missed a play (dependability and professionalism).

Seventy percent of Browns interviewed brought up Thomas.

Thing was, he couldn’t be the pick because it could not be a teammate.

So the Browns turned to guys such as Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and the winner, Peyton Manning. Again, production and dependability matter.

But though Rodgers received the most votes from the Browns' players, the respect for their teammate at left tackle was impressive.