NFLN survey/respected player: Chargers

SAN DIEGO -- He’s considered one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game. So in a poll conducted by NFL Nation reporters asking players who the most respected player is in the league, Denver quarterback Peyton Manning's name emerging at the top of that list should come as no surprise.

According to our poll, Manning received 86 votes, or 26.8 percent. Finishing a distant second was New England quarterback Tom Brady and Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson, with 24 votes each (7.5 percent).

The Chargers, of course, have an intimate knowledge of the impact Manning has on a team, having faced him three times this season. And while the Chargers have had success against Manning, with an 8-6 record overall against Manning-led teams, San Diego players still understand that he’s one of the best to ever play the game.

Four of the 10 San Diego players surveyed cast their vote for Manning.

“I’ve always appreciated and look forward to, as a fan of his growing up, to go against a Peyton Manning-led team,” Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said. “Obviously, our offense is playing that defense, so I’ve never felt like I was playing him. But it’s always awesome and exciting.”