Kiper mock 1.0 reaction: Texans

In his first mock draftInsider, Mel Kiper mocked Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel to the Houston Texans. This would be easily the most interesting and entertaining pick the Texans could make.

Many questions remain.

How will Manziel's skill set translate against bigger and faster defenses than he faced in college?

How will he handle having to actually talk to the media on a regular basis?

Will the money that comes with the No. 1 overall pick affect his game or preparation?

Can he keep the edge that's made him so entertaining in college?

And how would his personality mesh with Texans head coach Bill O'Brien and his staff?

These are all questions the Texans would have to answer positively if they were to take Manziel, and they're all ones that could make for an explosive situation.

He could be an electrifying presence off whom teammates feed. He could be durable against the odds given his style of play. His improvisational ability might make up for his size. He might make Drake a new fixture at Texans games.

Or he could struggle with the transition to opponents who can catch him. His size could be a problem, his extracurriculars could detract from his play and his personality could clash with his coaches.

One thing is certain: The Manziel era in Houston, however it ended, would not be boring.