More on the controversy in Denver

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

While the NFL world focuses on the final controversial call of the game, in which Jay Cutler's fumble was the center of attention, there was another play much earlier in the game also caused waves.

From my post on Sunday:

On San Diego's second offensive play, Chargers receiver Chris Chambers and Denver cornerback Champ Bailey were entangled at the San Diego 29 as they battled for a Philip Rivers' pass. Bailey emerged from the turf and ran into the end zone with the ball.

The ruling on the field was that Bailey intercepted the ball and he was downed at the 29 by Chambers. San Diego challenged the play, arguing that Bailey did not cleanly catch the ball.

After a short delay, head referee Ed Hochuli announced that the replay equipment was not working and there would be a two-minute window to correct the problem.

Thanks to a question in my mailbag this morning from a reader in San Diego, I found out some interesting information. The reader wanted to know who is responsible for the maintenance of the replay machine, the NFL or the home team? The home team is responsible for some equipment so this is a fine, valid question.

According to a league spokesman, the league is responsible for hiring the technicians who run the replay machine. So there you have it. There was no funny business going on.

However, there were plenty of controversial issues. I have a feeling there will be more reaction to this story. I will give updates when warranted.