Bill Lazor on Joe Philbin: 'I'm in it with him'

New Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Bill Lazor is aware of the lack of job security facing head coach Joe Philbin.

Miami’s head coach is entering make-or-break Year 3. However, Philbin’s job status was not a deterrent for Lazor to leave a stable situation with the Philadelphia Eagles for uncertainty in Miami.

“Right now, my future and his future are together,” Lazor said candidly Wednesday in a conference call with the Miami media. “I’m with him. I’m in it with him, and that’s how I approach it every day. I choose to compete and I choose to make an impact and be a difference-maker. That’s why I’m here.”

Lazor was hired by the Dolphins on Wednesday to improve the NFL’s 27th-ranked offense. There are several pieces in place. Miami has a young, promising quarterback in Ryan Tannehill and three receivers with at least 60 receptions last season. But it will be Lazor’s job to bring more balance and help Tannehill reach his full potential -- before it's too late.

But according to Lazor, Philbin was a big selling point. Both coaches believe in the West Coast offense, and this pair must shine next season to avoid more turnover on the coaching staff. Philbin is 15-17 in two seasons in Miami, and that's not good enough.

“He really sold me on the fact that this is the kind of person who can lead an organization,” Lazor said. “This is the kind of coach that is committed to winning, and I felt like I could come and help and picture myself working with him to build a winner.”

Lazor confirmed that he will call plays for Miami. This is the first time he’s called plays at the NFL level. However, Lazor would not confirm whether more changes are forthcoming with position coaches on offense.