Secondary vital to Grigson in free agency

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson touched on a wide range of things during his season-ending press conference with the media Thursday.

Grigson admitted he's still in decompressing mode from their playoff loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC divisional playoff game.

"The great thing about playoffs and having our second one is it really does magnify the areas that you know, you sit there and look at, not even from watching the film but are just kind of magnified," he said. "You know, 'We need to get better here. We need to add more depth here. Look what they're doing to us, this needs to be better.' So that's a good thing in terms of the evaluation process, to kind of have that fresh in your mind after getting beat by the Patriots. Because those are the types of teams we're going to have to beat on the road to win Super Bowls."

Grigson didn't go into a lot of details about their plans free-agent-wise in March, but he had no problem talking about Vontae Davis when asked about the importance of re-signing him.

"Any cover corner is going to be high on the pecking order, especially in a scheme like ours," Grigson said. "Vontae's a heck of a player. Again, consistency's the key. Vontae can be as good as he wants to be and you saw in some of those games this year where he just completely erased the receiver. And they were top-tier receivers in this league that it was like they didn't even play. So he does that every game and there's no reason he shouldn't be in the Pro Bowl every year. And he knows that. But we really like Vontae and like I said, once we go through this process and get to that point where we make those calls and do those things, hopefully it all works out how we want and we're better because of it."

Grigson is right when talking about Davis needing to be consistent. There were times when it seemed like Davis was just going through the motions on the field, especially after Greg Toler went down with a groin injury. The two long touchdowns by St. Louis' Tavon Austin are plays that come to mind.

The Colts were at their best defensively when Davis and Toler (when healthy) were on the field together.

Another free agent to keep your eye on is safety Antoine Bethea. A number of people, myself included, left the Colts facility for the last time Thursday feeling like Grigson is going to do his best to re-sign Bethea. It'll come down to money just like with all free agents.

Will Bethea take more money to play for a bad team like Oakland or Cleveland over returning to the Colts, who have a good a chance to take another step in the AFC next season?

Bethea said he was "kind of excited" to test the free-agent market.

This will likely be Bethea's last chance to earn a big pay day because he'll be 30 years old when training camp starts next season.

It's likely going to come down to business vs. loyalty with Bethea.