Mularkey should be resource for Whiz

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Ken Whisenhunt isn’t going to be the only successful NFL tight end helping run the Tennessee Titans.

Adam Schefter says Whisenhunt’s staff will include Mike Mularkey, the former head coach of the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars. Mularkey will coach either tight ends or quarterbacks, presumably based on how the rest of the offensive staff takes shape.

Mularkey’s term with the Jaguars ended after just one season as the team went 2-14 in 2012. He did not coach in 2013.

Some of his players on that team saw him as rigid, unwilling to take their input. That tends to make players feel less invested. Mularkey publicly maintained unreasonable expectations, talking of the team’s chances at a playoff berth too deep into a season when it was clear the Jaguars were far more likely to earn the first pick in the draft. (They drafted second.)

But I spoke to one defensive player from that team who had great things to say about Mularkey.

“Defensive guys really liked him,” the player said. “He had that calm approach and stressed the importance of hard work. For me personally, he talked of his time learning from Chuck Noll and the way the Steelers did things. It was hard not to like."

He’s a measured guy with a lot of experience. As a position coach, he should be an asset to Whisenhunt and the Titans.

Whisenhunt will likely enjoy having a sounding board on his staff who has also been a head coach in the past.