NFLN survey/Super Bowl player: Browns

When it comes to wanting to see a player in the Super Bowl who hasn’t been yet, the Cleveland Browns were nearly unanimous in their choice.

Eighty percent of the 10 players polled preferred Adrian Peterson.

Why does he garner such respect? Because he produces, he’s one of the best, and he’s overcome a significant knee injury to remain one of the best. That is the kind of thing that other players notice, the kind of effort and dedication that other players respect.

The two players other than Peterson to receive votes from the Browns were Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles and Dallas quarterback Tony Romo.

One Browns player received votes from the league: left tackle Joe Thomas. He got just three of 320 votes, less than 1 percent. But it’s something -- as at least three players in the league recognize what he’s contributed.

On the quirky side, former Browns place-kicker Phil Dawson garnered one vote. It did not come from Cleveland.

But in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, Dawson was set up for an almost ideal ending. Had the 49ers scored a touchdown on their final drive, the game-winning point could have come from Dawson. And pleased at least one NFL voter.