#SuperBowlDraft: The teams are selected

The first cut is the deepest, Cat Stevens told us, and yes, ESPN Insider columnist Mike Sando struck first in our live #SuperBowlDraft exercise Tuesday afternoon. With the initial pick in a draft of all players on the Super Bowl XLVIII rosters, Sando drafted Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

I followed by selecting Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and the remainder of the teams are displayed in the chart below. As part of the project, Sando pulled in a ringer -- ESPN personnel expert Matt Williamson -- to rank all 106 players on the teams' combined rostersInsider.

Sando admits having the first pick "wound up being more of an advantage than we anticipated," but admitted I "rallied."

Four of the top five picks ended up being Seattle Seahawks, and overall, we choose 29 Seahawks compared to 21 Broncos. Most would agree the Seahawks have the most talented top-to-bottom roster.

Williamson also commented on each selection in the draft chat. He wrote: "Team Sando had a few massive advantages in this draft process -- and took full advantage of those advantages" but criticized both teams for waiting as long as we did to draft linemen. He figures Team Sando is favored by 17 in the (fake) Super Bowl.

Feel free to scroll back through the conversation and levy your vote for who had the better team.