NFLN Survey/Super Bowl player: Eagles

PHILADELPHIA – In helping conduct ESPN.com’s NFL Confidential survey, I ran into an amusing little situation in the Eagles locker room.

When asked the one player they would most like to see in the Super Bowl, a few guys actually bristled. They didn’t want to see anyone from another team in the Super Bowl.

“That means we aren’t in it,” several players said. A few compromised by considering only AFC players, because the Eagles could then be in the Super Bowl at the same time.

Just shows the mindset of the NFL player. It also helps explain why only one of the 10 Eagles I surveyed named Minnesota Vikings running Adrian Peterson, who was the No. 1 vote-getter league-wide. The Eagles hadn’t yet played the Vikings at the time of the survey.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was one of the players most often named around the league, although he received a fraction of the votes amassed by Peterson and Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez.

Three Eagles voted for Gonzalez, maybe because the Falcons were out of the playoff picture by then. Houston wide receiver Andre Johnson got two votes, while Philip Rivers got one.

Of course, those last two guys play in the AFC.