Texans-Colts halftime questions

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Houston Texans spent a good segment of the first half reeling. But they held Indy to field goals on two scoring chances, and even losing the ball on the doorstep after a great Colts challenge, they only trail 13-3 at the half.

Some questions as we await the second-half kickoff:

  • Peyton Manning has thrown 40 passes. Is Drew Bledsoe’s NFL record of 70 attempts in danger?

  • Ryan Moats started and is playing a lot because of Steve Slaton’s fumble problems. But Moats fumbled on the play that was sorted out by the challenge. Does anything change in the Texans' approach to the run game now?

  • How might this game be different if Mario Williams’ second-quarter breakup of a Manning pass for Dallas Clark was picked? It would have taken incredible reflexes by Williams, but it almost happened, and if he collected it, he might have taken it for a TD.

  • Why are the Texans having problems understanding the neutral zone and how to stay out of it?

  • Can Houston get a handle on penalties or does it want to keep giving the Colts bonus yards?

  • Have we seen the best of Clark against Brian Cushing?

  • Does Jim Caldwell regret "icing" Kris Brown on the field goal attempt that was blocked, leaving the door open for a second-chance make from 51 yards before the half?

  • Will anyone this season be able to hold Dwight Freeney without a sack?