Rapid Reaction: Cowboys 41, Eagles 37

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Games like that aren't supposed to happen in Week 2. The Cowboys and Eagles have both been mentioned as Super Bowl contenders, and in Monday night's thriller, they did nothing to dispel that notion.

You kept thinking that the last team with the ball would win, but the Cowboys finally made a stand late in the fourth quarter to hold on for a 41-37 victory.

Until that point, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb had been brilliant for much of the evening. He was nimble in the pocket, and he showed a lot of patience in taking whatever the Cowboys gave him.

The most bizarre play of the game occurred in the second quarter. Eagles rookie DeSean Jackson was waltzing in for a 61-yard touchdown when he nonchalantly flipped the ball away a yard before the end zone. By rule, the Eagles took over where the ball hit the ground.

The Eagles had one more shot when they took over with 2:36 left in the game, but the Cowboys' defense held.

We'll be back with a column in a little while.