How the Bills handle trash talking

With a 6-10 record, the Buffalo Bills didn't have much fodder for trash talk this season.

But before the season started? Well, that's different. Prior to the Bills' regular season opener, often-outspoken receiver Stevie Johnson said the New England Patriots did not have "anybody that could stop me."

Johnson was held to three catches for 39 yards in the game and dropped a critical third-and-1 pass that may have changed the result of the contest, a 23-21 Bills loss. It was the beginning of a long, disappointing season for Johnson, but head coach Doug Marrone seemed to have little problem with Johnson's pregame proclamation.

"People have to be who they are," Marrone said on Sept. 9. "You guys are going to ask tough questions, and you want them to answer it. You want people to be who they are and what they do. As long as it's not a standpoint of giving away any strategic information. ...I think that's where I would have a problem with it."

In the wake of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman taking trash-talk with San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree to the national airwaves, we're examining how each head coach handles trash-talking on his team.

In the case of the Bills, Marrone's answer back in Week 1 makes his opinion clear. On a scale of red (not allowed), yellow (within reason) and green (go for it), Marrone's stance on trash talking is: Green.