How the Lions handle trash talking

The Detroit Lions weren’t necessarily big trash talkers before -- at least not publicly. It seems highly unlikely they would become more of a trash talking team now.

With the Lions switching coaches from Jim Schwartz to Jim Caldwell and general manager Martin Mayhew saying often they wanted to shift and change the culture of the Lions a little bit, some of that had to do with the on-field play.

So they went out and hired a man who is almost universally respected in the coaching profession and considered by most to be a very decent man. That doesn’t lead to the type of coach who would accept players running their mouths all that often.

If anything, one of the few times last season the Lions had an issue with someone from their organization talking trash, it didn’t come from a player or from a coach, but from vice chairman Bill Ford Jr., who took shots at the Chicago Bears, calling them the “same bunch of thugs” they had played on "Monday Night Football" in 2011.

While Detroit has a reputation of less-than-clean play defensively around the league, and that starts with tackle Ndamukong Suh, rarely does he actually talk trash through the media. If anything, he goes out of his way to avoid it, although he will sometimes will have interesting word choices, like when he said he would “digest whoever I have in front of me” when he was asked about Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long.

For the most part, though, Detroit stayed away from too much public trash talking -- something that will likely stay the same under Caldwell.