Martin interview left unanswered questions

Embattled Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin did an interview with former Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy of NBC Sports. This is Martin’s first interview since leaving Miami in October. In case you missed it, here is the full transcript from the “TODAY” show.

But I thought Martin’s interview was underwhelming. Martin failed to provide specifics or details of what he experienced in Miami’s locker room that forced him to leave the team.

Here are some questions Martin left unanswered:

  • Who were the other teammates? Martin said it wasn’t just Richie Incognito who harassed and bullied him. So who else added to Martin’s strife? Martin would only say it was “more than one” without naming the other people or person. I thought Dungy could have pressed Martin on this issue, which would have provided new insight and potentially another layer to this story. Was Martin harassed by two teammates? Five? Seven? We still do not know.

  • What was the response after informing the Dolphins? Martin explains he told “my coaches immediately above me” that he was struggling. I assume that includes offensive line coach Jim Turner. What was the nature of those conversations? What was Turner’s response? Did Turner ignore Martin and look the other way or inform other coaches and members of the front office? Martin had a chance to detail who in the Dolphins organization knew he was having issues but failed to elaborate.

  • Where is Martin mentally? There were various reports that Martin sought out emotional counseling the past few months. Martin was never asked to confirmed those reports. But moving forward, other NFL teams will be very interested to know where Martin is mentally before thinking of making a future investment. Martin didn’t do enough to convince teams he’s ready other than to say he wants to play again.

  • Detail the “malicious” attack: Martin’s camp said in November there was a “malicious physical attack” on Martin by Dolphins teammates. This interview would have been a good opportunity to explain that alleged event.

These are just a few important issues Martin failed to address. This was Martin’s chance to tell his side of the bullying scandal to the entire country on Super Bowl week, and he could have done a better job.

The NFL will release the full Ted Wells report after the Super Bowl. Hopefully, we will get more clarity on these aforementioned issues that Martin failed to provide.