Why not a Super Bowl for Kansas City?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- I took a rooting interest in this year’s Super Bowl long before it was known the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos would battle for the title. I started rooting for the game itself when it was first awarded to New Jersey, making it an outdoor affair in a cold-weather region for the first time.

So regardless of which team wins and which team loses, let’s have a great game. Let’s bury the myth that the Super Bowl can’t be played when there’s a chance for severe weather.

Most of all, let’s start spreading the Super Bowl around to some cities who deserve the game based more on just the local weather or the location of a domed stadium.

The argument that the NFL’s championship game should be played in ideal weather conditions makes no sense. It’s OK to have playoff and key regular-season games played in harsh conditions but not the Super Bowl? The NFL scheduled night playoff games this season in Philadelphia and New England and a late December night game in Chicago, and that’s fine but a Super Bowl in New York is risky? Where’s the logic in that?

Here are a few ideas for the NFL: Play the Super Bowl in Denver, a great city with a great stadium. Chicago would also be a natural except the stadium stinks. They’d need to make some alterations before I’d put the Super Bowl there.

Kansas City? Definitely. The sightlines for the 70,000-plus seats combined with recent renovations make it one of the top venues in the league. A great football city, underrated nationally in large part because the Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game in 20 years now.

A great game on Sunday would be a start. That’s one more barrier down toward another outdoor Super Bowl in other deserving cities.