Eagles adding seats, raising most prices

PHILADELPHIA -- The Eagles will have 1,600 new seats and a range of new ticket prices at Lincoln Financial Field for the 2014 season.

Club president Don Smolenski announced that prices on 52 percent of tickets would rise over the 2013 season. The previous highest price was $105 per seat. The new high will be $130 per seat. Prices on 43 percent of seats will remain the same, Smolenski said, while 5 percent of seats will be reduced in price. The lowest ticket price remains $75.

“We will remain the lowest [priced ticket] in the NFC East,” Smolenski said.

Construction has already begun inside the stadium on the new sections of seats and the new high-definition video panels announced last month. Smolenski said the renovation project was not planned as part of the Eagles’ potential bid for a future Super Bowl in Philadelphia, but that the improvements would help any possible bid.

The Eagles are not doing variable pricing, as some other teams have announced. All preseason and regular-season games will continue to be priced the same.

Of the 1,600 new seats, 700 will require the purchase of seat licenses. The Eagles’ lease with the City of Philadelphia caps the number of seat licenses at the Linc at 29,000. The team sold 28,300 during the initial construction and marketing process, Smolenski said.

Those original licenses have appreciated in value, based on resale figures tracked by the Eagles. The prices for the new licenses – which range from $2.250 to $2,500 per seat -- were set between the original prices and the current market resale value, Smolenski said.

The Eagles have a season-ticket waiting list of about 40,000 fans. The additional seats will provide the largest inventory of seats to those on the waiting list since the stadium opened in 2003. But not all 1,600 of the new seats will be made available to those on the waiting list, as Smolenski explained.

The Eagles will reach out first to fans whose sections are being eliminated by the reconfiguration of the stadium. They will have the choice between new seats near their old ones, moving to other areas or purchasing licenses for the lower seating bowl.

“It’s like a big puzzle,” Smolenski said. “Our ticket office will be working on this right through the spring and into July.”

Once that group is taken care of, the Eagles will accommodate current seat license holders who have requested different seating locations or want to add seats to their accounts. Current season-ticket holders will then get the option to buy seat licenses.

After current account holders are accommodated, Smolenski said, the remaining seats will be offered to those on the waiting list.