Strength of schedule: Houston Texans

In 2013 the AFC South was, how shall we put this ... not good.

The division has two teams drafting in the top three (the Texans and Jaguars) after a season in which only the Indianapolis Colts had a winning record. That helps explain why all four AFC South teams have one of the four weakest 2014 schedules.

The Texans' strength of schedule, .441, ranks 30th in the NFL, better than only the Titans (.438) and the Colts (.430). Houston's home slate, in its last-place schedule, is a bit tougher than its road schedule. The Texans' home opponents had a combined record of .469 last season, ranking 22nd in the league.

Things get easier on the road where the Texans' opponents have a combined record of .414. No team's road schedule is easier, and the Colts tie the Texans in that measure.

Having such a weak schedule could help the Texans' quest to reverse their own 2013 record, but a true turnaround will depend on a lot more. Also consider: strength of schedule can change dramatically once next year's games begin.