Strength of schedule: San Diego Chargers

SAN DIEGO -- By virtue of playing the brutal NFC West this upcoming season, the San Diego Chargers are tied with the San Francisco 49ers for the fourth-toughest schedule in NFL for the 2014 season.

The Chargers face opponents with a combined winning percentage of 56.3 percent. The Oakland Raiders have the toughest schedule in the 2014 season, facing teams with a combined winning percentage of 57.8 percent, followed by Denver (57.0 percent) and St. Louis (56.4).

Check out the chart for every NFL team here.

The Chargers play AFC West rivals Oakland, Kansas City and Denver, along with New England, the New York Jets, Seattle, St. Louis and Jacksonville at Qualcomm Stadium in 2014.

Road games include Oakland, Kansas City, Denver, Buffalo, Miami, San Francisco, Arizona and Baltimore.

The Chargers are familiar with the Super Bowl champion Seahawks and other NFC West teams from a personnel standpoint, because they usually face them every preseason.

San Diego should match up well against the defense-oriented NFC West because of the team’s physical running style on offense (led by a good decision-maker in Philip Rivers) and with a defense with multiple looks that is tough for opponents to prepare for (led by defensive coordinator John Pagano).