Whiz: 'If you can play, there are no issues'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The predominant thinking about an openly gay player, Michael Sam, being part of the draft is that if he’s a guy a team thinks can help, the team should and will take him.

That’s the position Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt took in an interview Tuesday with “The Drive” on FOX Sports 910 in Phoenix.

“You look at the NFL locker room and it’s a diverse background,” Whisenhunt said. “You’ve got all kinds of players that come from all kinds of different backgrounds. You know that dynamic has a way of working out. I think the bottom line is: ‘Can you play football?’ If you can, there’s no issues…

“There’s a lot of different guys that walk into your locker room. I’ve seen a lot of different guys in different situations and the teammates accept them … and if you can play – that’s really what it comes down to. The locker room is an interesting place … you’ve got so many guys from diverse backgrounds; it’s not a big deal.”

You can hear Whisenhunt’s whole interview here.