Bucs question: Jared Allen a fit?

Let’s reach into the mailbag for the question of the day.

Blake in Rutherford, N.J., asks if the presence of defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier could help the Bucs land defensive end Jared Allen in free agency.

This has become a frequent question and it’s only logical to wonder about it. Frazier and Allen were together in Minnesota and have a good relationship.

The Bucs have a big need for a pass-rusher. In fact, you could make an argument that the lack of an outside rusher is the only thing standing between this defense and being great. Allen instantly could fill that need.

The only downside might be Allen’s age. He’s 31 and you have to wonder how much he has left. But Frazier knows Allen as well as anyone. If Frazier thinks Allen has something left, I can see the Bucs making a run at him.

Allen isn’t going to command an outrageous salary. That means there would be little risk with the possibility of a high reward.