What's next for Dolphins' Mike Pouncey?

The Ted Wells report pulled the curtain back on the sordid locker room culture of the Miami Dolphins. One of the biggest developments was fellow offensive linemen Mike Pouncey and John Jerry joined Richie Incognito in the persistent harassment of Jonathan Martin and others on the team.

The immediate futures of Incognito and Jerry are simple: Both are unrestricted free agents in March and the Dolphins can easily wash their hands by letting them walk. Neither player is expected to return.

However, Pouncey’s situation is more complex.

Not only is Pouncey still under contract, he’s one of the best players on the team. He’s certainly Miami’s best offensive lineman, which is an area the Dolphins cannot afford to lose talent. Pouncey made his first Pro Bowl this season.

The NFL surely will review the Wells report thoroughly and determine if further action is necessary. Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey are all on commissioner Roger Goodell’s radar, which is not good for those three players. A fine or suspension is not out of the realm of possibility if Goodell believes this trio violated the NFL’s code of conduct.

Last week I wrote that Pouncey, based on his on-field play, is outperforming his contract and could be due for a raise. Now, I don’t see that happening following the details of the Wells report.

Expect the Dolphins to remain in wait-and-see mode with Pouncey this offseason.