Texans' salary cap situation (for now)

The NFL combine begins later this week and with it begin conversations that will impact the direction of teams' rosters next season.

We've talked a lot about the Texans being hamstrung by salary cap concerns without actually discussing the specific numbers. Salary cap numbers aren't officially shared publicly and they change constantly for various reasons. There's still value, though, in looking at numbers to have a general idea of where things stand.

This year's salary cap is expected to be somewhere between $126 million and $128 million. According to ESPN Stats and Info the Texans have $121,864,346 committed against the 2014 salary cap in 51 contracts as of yesterday. That ranks 10th most in the NFL after the Cowboys, Steelers, Seahawks, Rams, Titans, Chiefs, Eagles and Chargers. They have about $1.114 million to carry over from last year's cap.

This is actually a better position than the Texans were in last season, but still makes it tough to do much in free agency. They could help themselves with some roster maneuvering. If they cut Matt Schaub, for example, they'd get some relief from the $14.5 million cap figure he carries in 2014.