49ers have draft approach choices to make

The San Francisco 49ers will have options in the draft.

They are expected to have 12 draft picks and they have few needs. The team has a choice to make when it comes to how to handle the top of the draft. The 49ers own the No. 30 pick in the first round and the No. 56 (from the Alex Smith trade with the Chiefs) and the No. 61 picks in the second round.

The 49ers could take a few routes. They can keep all of their first three picks. But I don’t that will be their top choice. They have buying power and will likely want to see what it can get them.

They could try to package all three of their top picks and try to get in the No. 10-12 range with hopes of scoring a top receiver.

They could decide to take advantage of the deep draft and perhaps package No. 56 and No. 61 and try to get another late first-round pick. The two choices could possibly get them in the 29, 31, 32 range.

The 49ers’ top needs are receiver and cornerback. Both positions are deep. So, the team could potentially get two solid, impact players with choices at the end of the first round. The 49ers may have to decide whether take want to go get a receiver like Mike Evans or try to get a receiver like Brandin Cooks and a cornerback such as Jason Verrett at the end of the first round.

So, the 49ers definitely have some choices to make over the next couple of months. Whatever choices the team makes, they are in position to improve at the top of the draft.