Johnson and that 40 record at the combine

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Chris Johnson still holds the fastest 40-time in combine history.

His 4.24 from 2006 stood up Sunday, when Kent State running back Dri Archer ran a 4.26.

Johnson responded with relief.

Earlier Johnson had let it be known he was conscious his mark could be challenged, with this tweet and a picture of a stopwatch (or a stopwatch that's jewelry, I can't tell) with 4.24 on its screen.

I've got no beef whatsoever with Johnson funnily noting fast guys would be challenging his mark and that he was aware of what Archer did.

But I can't help wonder if he concerns himself a bit too much with such things.

The guy is proud of what he's done, and he's got a lot to be proud of. But he just finished another season when a lot of people, including me, questioned how consistently he ran as hard as he could. The Titans have hardly jumped out to say he's definitely a member of the team going forward given his scheduled salary of $8 million.

Given that, maybe he should think about how people will take such tweets.

He may not care about that reaction, but perhaps he should.

“wish CJ worried as much about breaking tackles as he does someone breaking his combine 40 time,” @bigByoung tweeted me Sunday evening.

I suspect that tweet was representative of the feelings of a lot of Titans fans. CJ should be at a point where he understands that, realizes fan support can have a bearing on whether he's with the Titans or another team and includes some of that context in his tweets and/or tweeting decision.

Or maybe I'm way off and it doesn't matter a bit. Hit the poll here and let me know.