Free-agent report: LB Akeem Jordan

Our look at potential Kansas City Chiefs free agents moves on to one of their starting inside linebackers.

LB Akeem Jordan

Seven NFL seasons, one with the Chiefs. Will be 29 when next season begins.

Chiefs career: He signed with the Chiefs last year to fill one of the inside spots in their regular defense, and Jordan didn’t disappoint. He was a part-time player, in the lineup mostly on running downs. Jordan was by no means a star but did what he was asked to do on a team where he was surrounded by talented players. Jordan also was one of the Chiefs’ best special-teams players.

Argument for keeping Jordan: Without paying big money, the Chiefs will find it difficult to find a player who is under 30, has his experience and better fits their defensive scheme. Don’t overlook his special-teams ability, which makes him more valuable.

Argument for letting Jordan go: The Chiefs drafted Nico Johnson in the fourth round last year to eventually take over in this spot. The Chiefs need to give Johnson the chance to win the job. From a financial standpoint, he’s their best option. If he proves to be a liability, the Chiefs can make a move for a veteran later.

What should happen: The decision on Jordan seems more a choice on Johnson. What the Chiefs do with Jordan reflects their thinking on Johnson. The Chiefs should give Johnson his shot if they believe he’s ready. If not, then they should re-sign Jordan.