Cardinals, Rams brace for the road

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Teams are continually looking for ways to improve their travel experiences. Home teams have enjoyed only a 16-15 record through two weeks.

The Rams are leaving for Seattle on Friday afternoon, and coach Scott Linehan plans to let players sleep later than usual Saturday as their bodies recover from the long plane flight.

"It's a long flight and that's a problem," Linehan said. "It seems like we're always really dead when we get there on Saturdays because it's a four-hour flight."

The Cardinals plan to spend next week at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., between road games against the Redskins and Jets. Quarterback Kurt Warner said he would rather return home to be with his family between games.

"Not a huge fan of being away form the family for a week, but willing to do whatever it takes to give us the best opportunity to win," Warner said.

The Cardinals have an early kickoff Sunday. They begin practices at about the same time, Warner said, and most players he knows would rather wake up and go play. That's a little different interpretation than the Seahawks have voiced.