Beason's interesting free-agent approach

We were prepping for today's "NFL Insiders" show (which re-airs at 5 p.m. ET on ESPN2, I think), and I had a note about the New York Giants and Jon Beason. Adam Schefter said he'd heard that Beason, who is representing himself, had been emailing teams to inform them that he's the one to contact but that teams can't reply because it would be tampering.

So that made me wonder, because there are these new tampering rules that went into place last year that allow teams to negotiate with player agents starting Saturday in advance of the opening of the new league year Tuesday. Those rules prohibit direct contact between teams and players during the Saturday-Tuesday window, and apparently that does apply to Beason. From the league-issued Q&A release:

During this negotiating period, a prospective Unrestricted Free Agent cannot visit a club (other than the player's current club) at its permanent facility or at any other location, and no direct contact is permitted between the player and any employee or representative of a club (other than the player's current club). If a player is self-represented, clubs are prohibited from discussions with the player during the negotiating period.

So what does all of this mean? The Giants want Beason back, but to this point they have not been able to reach agreement on a new contract. The fact that he's emailing other teams certainly seems to indicate that he's not overly thrilled with what they're offering. But it appears as though they'll have a little extra time to convince him. While agents for other free agents spend this weekend and Monday in contact with teams, Beason won't be able to talk to anyone but the Giants until 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

I still think Beason returns to the Giants on a deal that pays him somewhere around $4 million a year, maybe with some incentives. But the longer it goes without getting done, and the closer it gets to Tuesday, the more you wonder.