Breaking down Houston's cap situation

When considering the Houston Texans' free agent negotiations, their salary cap situation is important to note.

It's also important to note that enough cap space to make moves isn't a reason in itself to make those moves. I don't anticipate the Texans being too active in free agency this year even though they're in a better financial situation.

Here it is, as of this weekend:

Houston has $122,239,346 committed against the cap with 51 contracts. Their adjusted cap, which includes rollover money, is $134,114,730. With $3,247,174 in dead money on the books, that leaves the Texans with $8,628,210 of cap space for 2014.

They're still in the bottom third of the league in cap space, more than only the Bears, Rams, Panthers, Chargers, Saints, Cowboys and Steelers.

Below the top 10 players with the highest cap values for the Texans in 2014:

Schaub is one to watch. The Texans haven't made clear what they want to do with him. It would be unreasonable to have the second-highest cap number on the roster belong to a backup quarterback, if that's the role the Texans envision for a veteran quarterback while any rookie added got his bearings.