Revis and Haden sound like a pair

Is Darrelle Revis worth the high draft picks Cleveland has accumulated? AP Photo/Stephen Brashear

It sounds extremely appealing -- Darrelle Revis and Joe Haden at cornerback for the Cleveland Browns.

One of the best veteran corners in the league and one of the best young corners in the league. What defense would not want that?

Revis is on the trade block, and ESPN.com's Adam Schefter and NFL.com's Ian Rapaport both report the Browns are in discussions with the Bucs. Revis to the Browns has logic given his ability and his past association with new coach Mike Pettine when the two were with the Jets in New York.

If he's not traded, Revis may be cut Wednesday, which would reach another level of difficulty for the Browns to acquire him. If he is cut, Revis becomes the most attractive free agent on the market.

The surest way for the Browns to acquire him would be via trade. But do the Browns want to surrender many of the high draft picks they've acquired to build the team? Is Revis worth giving up two or three picks?

The pros are obvious. He's only 28. He's one of the best corners in the league. He was a Pro Bowler in 2013. And he's further removed from ACL surgery, which means he should be getting stronger. He fits in the pressure system that Pettine wants to run, too. In fact, he and Haden make the pressure system work, because they can handle receivers individually and allow the team to bring more in the pass rush.

The negatives are also obvious. Well ... let's call them issues rather than negatives. Because great corners don't bring a ton of negatives other than, sometimes, diva-ish attitude. Revis' contract calls for a $13 million annual salary through 2018. His salary-cap cost through those years is $16 million. The Browns want to extend Haden's deal, which raises the obvious questions: How do the Browns pay both Revis and Haden, and do they want to have that much of their salary cap eaten up by cornerbacks?

The pros state that if there is any position other than quarterback that might be worth lavish spending, it might be corner. The Seahawks won the Super Bowl with one shutdown corner in Richard Sherman. Revis and Haden would provide two.

The Browns are expected to sign safety Donte Whitner. If they could add Revis -- a gigantic if -- they would put a secondary on the field that Seattle might even admire.

Dreams grow big as free agency approaches, and this is a big one. It may be so big that it's preposterous when it comes to the Browns -- especially if Revis hits free agency, where his suitors will be many.

But if a team has a chance to acquire one of of the top corners in the league and doesn't at least look into it, it's not doing its ... wait for it ... due diligence.

The Browns have the cap room to add Revis, and the picks. Would one of the best corners in the league be worth the 26th overall pick as well as third- and fourth-round selections?

Revis and Haden actually sounds more than appealing. It sounds like a step forward, which for the Browns would be a very large step.