With Whiz's support, Whitehurst gets a shot

Ken Whisenhunt is a good offensive mind who gets the benefit of the doubt at this early stage with the Titans.

So while I wrote that I prefer Ryan Fitzpatrick to Charlie Whitehurst Thursday morning, I now have to wait and see on Whitehurst. Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean reported the quarterback got a two-year deal and I've confirmed it.

Wyatt says it can be worth up to $8 million. I sure hope a high percentage of that $8 million is in incentives.

Jake Locker has been injury-prone through three years in the NFL.

The hope is he will be healthy and give the Titans 16 games.

The odds of that based on recent history seem slim. Which means Whitehurst is going to play at some point.

Fitzpatrick, who is due a $500,000 roster bonus within a week and a $2.75 million salary in 2014 according to Wyatt, is now certain to be cut before that bonus comes due.

He can be a turnover machine, but when he hits a good stretch in his streakiness, he can also win games. Since the QB market is so thin, Fitzpatrick will instantly become the most coveted veteran quarterback on the market.

Whitehurst will bring a familiarity with Whisenhunt with him to Nashville from their year together in San Diego.

We’ll see how much that helps if, or when, he has to play.