Ben Tate keeps Cleveland chatter alive

Ben Tate's Twitter account was pretty interesting on Friday -- and seems to indicate that he was inclined to soon become a member of the Cleveland Browns.

There was nothing official announced, and Twitter isn't a guaranteed source.

But when an NFL player like Tate posts some of the things he posted late Friday, it indicated two things: He is still in Cleveland on a visit that started Thursday evening, and he seems, at a minimum, intrigued enough to keep fans on the hook about his plans.

The most telling tweet was a picture Tate posted at about 11:30 p.m. that showed the lit up peak of the Terminal Tower, one of Cleveland's better-known buildings. Tate earlier promised a fan he could break the story on Twitter if he signed with Cleveland, and he also posted he was "sooo ready" to be a No. 1 back. Browns guard Jason Pinkston even tweeted to Tate earlier Friday "sign them papers!!"

Nothing is done until it's actually agreed to and signed, but usually a player and his representatives do not spend this much time and energy in a city without deciding to sign with the team involved. The Browns need a back, Tate seems interested, and it may be a match.

If he tweets a photo of the Art Museum or the Cleveland Orchestra on Saturday, things will be progressing.