Peterson, Cromartie tweet. Mayhem ensues.

For those of us sitting around with our noses buried in Twitter on a Saturday night -- yes, I’m included -- we saw an interesting conversation that brought the collective Cardinals Nation to the edge of their seats.

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson was openly tweeting with free agent cornerback Antonio Cromartie. But these weren’t your run-of-the-mill “Hey, how are you?” tweets. These were your “Hey, let’s go win championships together” tweets.

To which, Cromartie responded:

@realpeterson21 We going to make it happen.

Then, back to Peterson:

But there’s a twist. Cromartie’s tweet to Peterson was deleted later Saturday night (which is why it’s not linked above.)

What does this all mean? Not. A. Thing.

Cromartie was in Arizona Thursday and Friday visiting with the Cardinals and the friendly banter was simply one superstar cornerback trying to recruit another star corner. Although I do find Cromartie’s response interesting: “We going to make it happen.” Either he was being nice, or he needed to weekend to think about Arizona’s offer -- if there was one. It’s unlikely the Cardinals will pay him the type of money he made with the New York Jets -- Cromartie earned $9.5 million in 2013.

But either way, Cromartie seems at the minimum, slightly interesting in being a Cardinal. This could make for an interesting St. Patrick’s Day.